ENC Yokohama Internship

Engage and Equip

Establish and Empower


Come and join our team at Every Nation Church Yokohama for a 3 month program as an Intern, honoring God and making disciples in the nation of Japan. Impact the nations for Jesus Christ while helping to serve and build the local church and experience the adventure of your life.
If you have a heart for the nations, this is an opportunity waiting for you.

The weekly life of an intern:

As an intern most of your time will be spent doing outreach on the campuses and communities. At Every Nation Church Yokohama we have tons of fun doing outreach as a team, connecting with new people everyday. Our goal of these outreaches are simply centered around engaging people and creating connections. Its from this base of connections and friendships that we have the opportunity to invite people to experience the church, hear the gospel message, and get connected to the church family.


Interns are on the university campuses everyday making new relationships with young people. Most campuses are open, especially the cafeterias. This is a great place to make new friends and also meet up with friends we are already reaching out to.

English chat clubs
Here, college students have the opportunity to engage our team in English conversation lessons. These clubs are centered around highly motivated students who are eager to learn and improve their English grammar, listening and speaking skills. Interns will help these students with their English skills and build friendships and relationships through the various clubs.

Events and hang-outs
There’s no easier way to connect friends than to bring them to a party! Dinner, House Parties, Beach, Park we do it all! The more we can develop friendships, the more people are open to coming to church and learn about Jesus.


Small Groups
You will also join our discipleship based group Small Groups, which meets on a weekly basis to do life together, share from the bible and grow together in their walk with Christ. There will also be opportunities to disciple young Christians in their walk with God, utilizing our discipleship materials such as One2One, the Purple book, and First Steps, etc.


Interns are also required to serve at our local church services each week in the various operational teams that need support, as well as the areas that you’re gifted in.

Operations teams at church include: worship, welcome, setup & take-down, sound, lighting, multimedia, kids church, and many more.



• Valid passport, at least 6 months before expiration.
• An active member in your local church in good standing
• Consistent involvement in a Small Group.
• Completed an equipping track (i.e. One2One, First Steps, Victory Weekend, etc) or currently progressing towards completion.
• Currently serving in an area of ministry in your local church.
• Recommendation of your Small Group Leader or Missions Leader.


Airfare -$750-1200
Rent – $750-1000 per month
Food – $400-500 per month
Transportation – $150 per month
Cell/Pocket wifi – $100 per month
Temporary medical insurance – $100 per month

*These amounts are an approximate guideline only.   
  Costs may change depending on your situation.

ENC Yokohama Internship Program

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If you have any questions please email us at yokohama.interns@everynation.jp

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