1. Pray for harvest. Our theme:Each One! Reach One!
Although the harvest is small compared to neighboring countries we are seeing an openness and responsiveness like never before. We are really pushing on the every Member is a Minister・theme and that if each one just reaches one soul, it will make a huge difference in the Christian influence in our nation.

2. Pray for signs, wonders and miracles. Japanese people are very intelligent and logic oriented. We need to present the Gospel to them in such a way that it will open their minds, but also they are in dire need of seeing a demonstration of the power of God. Japan needs miracles. There is no social reason for a Japanese to come to the Lord. In their mind there is no economic, educational, or social benefit in changing from nominal Buddhism to Christianity. But when they see the power of God and the supernatural revelation of the reality of Jesus Christ comes to them, they become some of the most disciplined and motivated believers on Earth. Pray that God would grant more supernatural signs and wonders to the church here, so that the eyes of their family, friends, and co-workers would be opened up.

3. Pray for growth. The standard church in Japan is very small. Fewer than 30 people is the average and many churches have less than 10 members. The average age of the traditional pastor is well over 60 years and the traditional church is in decline. But there are more and more non-traditional churches starting and some are growing to over 100 members. Pray for believers here not to fall back into the religious・tradition that has kept churches from growing. Japanese love form and tradition, so many times, more than the Life of the Spirit they choose the form of religion. Pray that life would triumph over form.

4. Pray for more men to be saved. Most of our Every Nation Churches have an abundance of women and there is a great need for the salvation of men. I have sensed a very strong strategy of the enemy to not only keep men away from the church, but when they do get saved, to keep them from moving into their potential and into leadership roles. Pray for men to get saved and for anointing and wisdom to raise up men leaders.

5. Pray for provision. Finance is a continual burden for our churches in Japan. To purchase land or to rent buildings in the cities is extremely expensive. To purchase land is beyond the possibility of any one congregation. We need an increase in finances and even more so favor from people who have land and buildings.

6. Pray for new church plants in Japan. Every Nation currently has 6 churches in Japan. They range from a church with about 20 members to one church with over 300. Most are pastored by missionaries and all are in the process of raising up Japanese pastors. None own their own building.

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